Roberto: Please pray for the people of Palestine where many indigenous are being thrown out of their homes into the streets to be replaced by radical far right Zionists. Please pray for the Palestinian children that are being killed, abused and imprisoned by the idf, most of Whom not doing any crime but merely being a child. Please also pray that Palestinians do not have their land stolen or olive groves set afire by far right terrorists. Finally, please pray for Peace between the Palestinian people and Israeli people. Thank you.
0 praying. – Pray Now/Jetzt Beten
Phil Chavez: Pray GOD Blesses 12 year old Derek Silva in JESUS Name.
0 praying. – Pray Now/Jetzt Beten
Jason: Thanks for your prayers! Please pray that God would provide the wisdom and strength to pass a medical exam and visa interview.
0 praying. – Pray Now/Jetzt Beten
Gwen: Please please please, pray that my friend Joshua will come to know the Lord. And accept Jesus into his heart.
3 praying. – Pray Now/Jetzt Beten
Public User: Please join me and pray for the victims of the earthquake in and around Amatrice, Italy. The village of 2,700 about 60 miles northeast of Rome, was devastated by the magnitude-6.2 quake, which struck at 3:36 a.m. local time. A good friend of mine Stefano is in the midst of the caos. Pray that God will use him to bring comfort to those in need.
2 praying. – Pray Now/Jetzt Beten
Hans: Please pray for the people of Israel and all Jews worldwide. Also, pray for the persecuted Christians in the middle east. Yes, Jesus said it will be like that in the last days. So, get ready; Jesus is coming soon!
8 praying. – Pray Now/Jetzt Beten

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