Promises for this life and the life to come…

God says that we are more the conquerors in Christ Jesus. Gods pormises for us concern both this life and the life to come.
It is our vision to see Gods plan and his promises as the main focus of our life – no matter what the current cirmustances may have for us.
We desire to see Gods promises fulfilled:

  • in our hearts
  • in our church
  • in the worldwide churchbody
  • in eternety
Hearts transformed by the presence of God become living stones building the church.A church that shines in the darkness – where people would find Jesus and being transformed would also be a blessing to other
people around them.We want to see Jesus as King of Kings in the worldwide churchbody. His Kingdom of Love shall grow where people can find a purpose and a future in fellowship with God.Eternety is coming, a future life – wehre neither death, nor sorrow, nor pain will have any place.Today we invest ourselves that others would find a hope and a future in Jesus Christ.
We want to see the promises of God fulfilled in this life and in the life to come. That’s a life worth living for.
For in Christ Jesus all promises are Yes and Amen.

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